Do you like movies? We love them. They let us escape into another world, experience someone’s emotions, share someone’s problems, educate, inspire, motivate, move, entertain or just dive in & explore the world we will never be a part of.

Combining Fashion and Film, the Brand will release every new launch with an accompanying  short film, following on from the last. 

Rose Powder is inviting you to experience a story of young Jasmine who waits patiently for her lover to arrive. Jasmine receives a mysterious parcel with beautiful lingerie which she tries in anticipation of his arrival. But when she hears a knock on the door, will he love the way she looks in the lingerie? 

Come and join us, in a series of light comedic relief short films where we aim to inspire women and let them embrace their individuality. 

Directed by the wonderful James Ward, of James Ward Productions who has over 20 years’ experience in film making, our Rose Powder magic is brought to life in these short films. James has worked on projects for Armani, Marks & Spencer, Tiffany & Co, Swarovski and more.

Starring as Jasmine, we have English model and former Miss England, Laura Coleman and playing the male lead we have Nari Blair Mangat who has starred in the James Bond film, Spectre.

We hope you enjoy following Jasmine’s journey with us…

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